Fashion Friday: Embellished Tank

I had some leftover fabric from the pillows I made a while back, so I decided to make some flowers and sew those onto a plain tank from Target:
If you Google “rolled flower tutorial” you’ll get hundreds of links to learn how to make these. I made a few in various sizes and then pinned them to the tank top. Once I was happy with the positioning, I sewed them on, et voila! a pretty tank that makes getting dressed so much easier – no need for necklaces with this one, I’ll wear mine this fall with jeans and a cardie.
I swear, now I want a tank in every color with pretty flowers on them! I hope you enjoyed my little sewing adventure – have a wonderful weekend!

EEK! So scary!

Okay, not really, they’re just three cute black photo frames from IKEA that got dolled up for Halloween with the help of some scrapbook paper 😀

I first printed out some suitable frightening letters and cut them out – this cardstock looks yellow but it is actually more orange:

Then I matted them on the black cardstock and pop-dotted them onto the frames:

These will be part of one of my Halloween displays – I am lucky to have a couple of hutches and mantels where I can put out some scary goodness, so I’ll show you those as it gets closer to October 31. I bought the frames in a 3-pack for $5 and I had the scrapbook paper and glue, so this little project comes in under $5.

Fall Mantel

I am joining the fabulous party at Layla’s with my fall mantel!
From the left, silk grass from Michaels in a vase half-filled with fall colored filler “gems.” Glass pumpkin, a gift from my friend K., vanilla candle on ORB-painted candlestick, and a small mercury glass votive holder for some bling.

Going across to the right side, the other glass pumpkin from my dear friend K., small apothecary jar with candy corn, mercury glass votive holder and a tall candlestick I found for $4 at World Market, on clearance, and I painted with my beloved ORB spray paint. The pumpkin atop the candlestick is from my backyard.

Simple but warm and colorful – off to check out the other gorgeous mantels at Layla’s!

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Fall Wreath for $5 and change

I got the idea for a wreath with my last name initial on it from my friend L at Challenging Martha – she made a super cool fall wreath and I had $5 in my pocket, so I hit up the dollar store and dug out some leftover scrapbook paper I had from a project I will share with you tomorrow.

I started with a wreath form, some greenery/flowers in fall shades, ribbon, and brown leaf forms – there went my $5.
I played around with the “ingredients” and the floral wire I had leftover from the lavender wreath I made this past summer.

I have to admit I preferred the wreath form from Walmart because it was fuller, but it was a little more $ and I wouldn’t have been able to get the rest of the stuff for my fall wreath, so I made do with the skinnier, and lighter-in-color wreath form from the dollar store.

I made a letter B from orange scrapbook paper, and glued it onto black cardstock that was glued onto an oatmeal lid, for stability. Then I punched a hole through the paper and lid, and used more floral wire to hang it from the bow I made with the ribbon:

Notice how the wreath blends in really well with my door. I kinda don’t like that. I think a dark chocolate brown door would be more awesome, but that’s a project down the list for now.

I love my fall-toned wreath – the lavender wreath now resides between the windows that face onto the front yard, and looks lovely there with the window boxes and more lavender below. Now it is this beauty’s turn to grace our front door, and I am very happy with the result.

I hope you liked this little project – I had lots of fun making it, although stuff kept coming up and I started it over three weeks ago!

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Organization: A year’s worth of homework

With two boys in school now, there are lots of homework and art project pages filling up the bin I set up in the office. Now that the new school year has started, it was time to decide what to do with last year’s stash. Once I saw this, my decision was made:

One evening a couple of weeks ago, I sat down and photographed everything I wanted kept for posterity. I did save a couple of projects from each of my boys, and the memory books their teachers had made of the whole school year. I know, I’m a sucker, and we’ll see how those fare in a few years, but for now I am keeping them.

I got a coupon for a free poster print at Walmart, and I found super cheapo poster frames for $6 each, so my project ended up costing around $12 total.

We are redoing this particular corner of the playroom/office, since my husband likes my computer better (better graphics card, yeah!) and now never sits at his desk, so this corner is going to be the media/recharging station/printer/etc. area, but for right now I really like my boys’ work up there.

Fashion Friday: Fall, where are you???

It’s been in the 90s here this week. That’s just not ok, really. I am so ready for my scarves and sweaters and boots and everything that is cozy and layered.

Here are some sets I’ve put into a collection to inspire my autumnal fashion wardrobe:

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thinking ahead

I’ve started to think about Christmas presents – don’t shoot me! I know it’s barely September, but I am hoping to make some of these presents myself, which requires thinking ahead.

My husband and I had a Make Your Own Spa Goodies party a few years ago, so I think I could manage to make some of these scrubs:

I LOVE these, with cheapie pillar candles from IKEA!

What a great gift idea for foodie friends:

Another great spa idea, this time from The Martha:

Are you making anything to give away during the holidays?

When melatonin fails

I have to say that since melatonin entered our lives, things are mostly smooth. melatonin is a natural sleep aid that has greatly helped our youngest, who is autistic, regulate his sleep cycle. We started using it after a nightmarish week during which our sweet boy did not sleep. At all. For five days. On day 6 I was ready to kill someone, my husband talked to some friends with autistic children and, thanks be to the heavens, melatonin came into our lives.

However, once in a while – once a month or so – sleep rhythms still get messed up and this is why I have gotten 6 hours of sleep, TOTAL, since Saturday. I am writing this on Tuesday evening so I hope (fingers crossed) tonight goes better. My husband has been staying up with our boy as late as he can and then I take over.

Still, I will take once a month rather than every night, as was the case before we started using melatonin.

I am not advocating the use of melatonin, or telling you this will solve your problems, etc. I am just sharing my experience and how this has (for the most part) worked for us. My husband took melatonin for a week last year and he became almost sociopathic, to the point that I was ready to pack bags for me and the boys and take off until he was off it. So, yeah, not for everyone. But for our sweet baby boy, it’s been a great help.

I’m so sleepy . . .