Superhero birthday party – Cakes

My mother-in-law has always baked birthday cakes for the boys — as I mentioned last week, it’s only been in recent years that my husband started to decorate them. This year he chose a simple design for our superhero-obsessed boy: Captain America’s shield.

This cake was huge — how huge was it? The platform it’s sitting on is a table topper, which my mother-in-law wrapped in starry paper to match the cake’s theme.

It was also delicious. My boy loves vanilla, so she obliged with a yummy, moist vanilla cake, vanilla pudding filling, and vanilla buttercream frosting. So good! Here is the moment it was brought out:

Time to blow out the candles!

The surprise was, there was a second cake — you can see it on the left there. It is an arc-reactor cake that, thanks to our friend S, could light up.

Aidan tries to blow out the arc reactor 😀

Since the larger cake fed everyone at the party, I decided to bring the arc-reactor cake to Aidan’s school on Monday. His classmates loved that it lit up and had many nice things to say about the yummy cake. I saved the last piece for my boy to have after dinner. Thank you for the yummy cakes, Gran!

Superhero Birthday Party – Masks & Capes

Our original plan had been to make fabric masks and capes for the kids so they could be “superheroes” all afternoon — but then my husband decided to shape foam sheets into masks and off he went, making a ton of them in a variety of colors and shapes.

This one was my favorite:

I loved the sparkly rose gold color and the heart shapes!

My son chose this one:

Here he tries on another mask for size:

The kids loved choosing a mask and cape and wore them throughout the party – here are some of them during the piñata gorefest (not really). I made a few capes in different colors, and my son requested his be longer, and I added his initial on the back.

It was fun to see the kids trying to decide which color mask or cape to wear, it was a very important choice ;D

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Superhero birthday party — invitations

My oldest turned 7 yesterday – he’s been into superheroes for the past few months:

As Captain America for Halloween

He’s waiting for the new Avengers movie to come out – so is mommy, for entirely different reasons – so of course, a superhero party was requested. My husband and I go crazy planning our kids’ parties so we had a lot of fun with this one.

The invitations were the first project completed, of course — I’ve posted about some of our past efforts, but in this case, it was my husband’s work all the way. He came up with a cool superhero invitation concept, but I’ll let the birthday boy show you the invitation itself 😀

The Avengers seal on the front of a gate-fold card.

Inside, on the center panel, would be all the party information.

On the left were the names of some of the Avengers and their status for attending the party — Responding!

On the right were the map and coordinates for the superhero headquarters, i.e. our house. Yes, the map and coordinates actually pointed to our house. It’s my husband we’re talking here, he’s very detail-oriented 😀

Some more detail pics:

More about this party on Wednesday!

A trip to Sprinkles

For Christmas, my dear friend D gave me a gift card to Sprinkles.  My husband and I have been trying to improve our eating habits, so I decided to wait until my oldest’s birthday to use the card.  I asked him if he wanted his BFF to go along and of course, he said yes!

On Friday morning, I drove the boys up to Stanford Shopping Center to indulge in some cupcake goodness and kick off my son’s birthday weekend.

I love this pic of my darling boy and his sweet friend:

Running towards our destination!

I got a few more to bring home ;D

My choice was, of course, the milk chocolate cupcake:

The boys chose vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting, although none of us could take more than three bites. The cupcakes are so rich that we brought ours home and ate the rest later.

I used to work close to this mall years ago and it was so strange going there today, seeing all the changes, all the new stores, and remembering what I was doing way back when this was my favorite mall to hang out at.

Also, many thanks to my friend D — $3.50 cupcakes are SO not in our budget, so your gift was the reason for this super fun little trip!  Thanks also to my awesome friend M for letting your son join in our cupcake mission 😀

Past Project – Piñata Time!

Our oldest’s fourth birthday was all about dinosaurs. He knew the names of dozens of dinosaurs, what they ate, how they fought, etc. My husband decided to make a piñata worthy of his firstborn’s obsession.

I think it came out pretty fricking fabulous! It was made out of balloons covered in paper-mache.

Our boy was pretty happy with his piñata:

However, there was one little problem.

My husband had done such a good job ensuring the piñata was sturdy, that no one could break it. The birthday boy’s dainty whack certainly didn’t do the trick ;D

Three rounds later, all the kids were tired, so my husband decided to give it the old coup de grace and end its misery.

There was tons of red confetti inside, along with candy so when the piñata was opened (ha) it would come out like blood. My husband likes to be realistic that way.

We still have the head on our bookcase, along with some costume heads – I said we should mount them like hunting trophies, what do you think?

Past Project: Birthday Cakes

Around here, it’s the man’s job to do birthday cakes.  That’s right, my husband has created some fabulous cakes for our boys’ parties.  It must be genetic because his mom was in charge of cakes for the first couple of years, but then as our boys’ preferences have evolved, my husband decided he’d give cake decorating a try.  His mom still bakes them — they’re so good! — and my husband plans out the logistics of transforming a plain cake into a dinosaur, Godzilla, or whatever the boys are into.

Let me show you some of their talented creations:

This was the cake for my youngest’s first birthday. It was a toga party, so my mother-in-law make a cool cake with lettering to match the invitation.

When my oldest turned 3, he was totally into elephants and Go, Diego, Go! So gran made him an elephant cake and I found a Diego candle topper:

He loved it, but when people started singing he said it was too loud and dove under the table. Gran and I dove under, too, so he could blow out his candles and I could take pictures.

Next year, it was all about dinosaurs:

This was my husband’s first cake – seriously. He based his creation on a video from Betty Crocker.

For our youngest’s luau party, he decorated this huge tiki cake:

Last year, my oldest was obsessed with Godzilla, so dad obliged and made him a super awesome cake.

My boys totally appreciate what Daddy makes for them, and I sure appreciate having a talented husband and mother-in-law.

Are you the cake maker in your household?

Past project: Cards and party invites

Our oldest is having a birthday party soon, so I thought I would share with you some of our past efforts this week – hope you enjoy this post!

Here at Casa de Berry we love to do a lot of our own stuff. We could probably save ourselves a lot of time and (sometimes) stress, but the lure of making our own _____ is usually too strong and we cannot resist.

When we had our boys, we wanted something a little different for their birth announcements. Our first son got the full Lord of the Rings treatment:

This was an insert that went inside a gate fold card, sealed with a elven motif.

Our youngest got the martial-arts poster treatment — we were trying to figure out what to do when all of a sudden I got this shot of him and we just went, “Kung Fu Baby!”

For birthday parties, we’ve gone the same “homemade” route, such as this Harry Potter-inspired invitation for our oldest’s first birthday:

He was into Thomas by the time his second birthday rolled around so we issued a Boarding Pass for the party:

Our youngest had a toga party for his first birthday:

Then he got a simple Mickey treatment for his third birthday:

For his fourth birthday, we threw a luau-themed party:

Last year, my oldest was obsessed with Godzilla and we themed his birthday party accordingly:

My husband and I usually go back and forth on invitations, Christmas cards, etc. Sometimes I’ll come up with an idea and he will refine it, sometimes I just do the whole thing or he does, but for this upcoming party, I will proudly give him all the credit. He came up with a seriously awesome design and did a fantastic job with it. I can’t wait to unveil it next week!

Thursday Favorite Things

Button Initial

I’ve seen this craft in various incarnations on the blogosphere and Pinterest, and given that I had a plain canvas and a ton of white buttons, I thought I’d give it a try.

However, I first painted the canvas because I didn’t want it to be off white, I wanted some contrast with the buttons. I chose a cheery yellow for my project, then used Gorilla Glue to add the buttons after tracing them from a fancy “B” I printed.

For now it’s on my office shelf but I have not yet decided where its new home will be. It’s the perfect shade for the upcoming spring and summer seasons so I think it might earn a place of honor on our mantel.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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