Shop Coqui in Brookfield

Coqui in Brookfield has recently expanded their wedding and event invitation design business to include a charming retail space with so much eye candy, as my friend G. called it, that it was difficult to know where to look next.  Every shelf, every fixture, is full of beautiful items to make your home, desk, or party memorable and glamorous.

Stop by and check out their gorgeous new space, whether you are looking for a custom wedding suite or a Garance Dore calendar, a charm for your pup’s collar or a luxurious bubble bath, you will find it at Coqui.

Fall wish list

I’m really trying NOT to rush the whole fall thing because two years ago my BFF and I decorated our houses for fall on the first week of August and it was November and we were still sweating in ninety-degree weather. But, I figure I’m not actually buying anything, just, ya know, talking about it, so hopefully I won’t jinx things too much.

The key for me is to know what suits me and what does not, because as much as I love this dress, that salmon color looks like ass with my coloring. And this shirt looks super cute on the model, but I have D-cups, and button downs are the bugbears of my wardrobe.

After all that ado, here are a few pieces in a coveting:

2015 august

Parka Snow BootsBlazer Tee Tote Top Necklace

Isabel by Tocca

I have to say this is the first fragrance I have bought for myself in years – I think the last time was when I was working at Nordstrom for the holidays back in 2009. My husband usually buys me perfume, he was in Canada for business a few months ago and showed up with Miss Dior and Coco by Chanel, which were the latest additions to my little collection.

I was subscribing to Birchbox for a few months (I’ve traded it for Rocksbox) and I received a sample of Tocca’s new scent, Isabel. It is pretty and feminine but not overly floral, and there’s something really “sparkling” about it. I fell in love with it, and on my recent visit to Chicago with my bff, I purchased a bottle at Sephora.

I can’t believe it’s already August. My boys start school next month, my youngest turned nine a few days ago, this year is really flying by. I am so looking forward to experiencing fall here in the Midwest. Summer has been wonderful and I am very excited about the holidays.

Have a wonderful weekend!