Winter Necessities

I find myself relying on a few trusted items to give me a boost when cold winter mornings – or evenings threaten to send me diving under my bed blankets. Also, a couple of things here, I am totally craving.

I have a red coat from Target that I just adore. The color is rich and saturated and the cut is impeccable and flattering. It is my go-to coat when there are going to be cameras around.

The boots were a gift from my darling husband, they are plain, no buckles or studs or anything weird, and I love them that way.

Can you believe I never wore hats until a year ago? I didn’t think they looked good on me. Not that I am 100% convinced now but they keep me warm and cover bad hair days. I have half a dozen knit hats and next winter I’ll probably buy my first non-knit hat.

Scarves, obviously. Given my fondness for v-necks, winter means that I keep hunting for something to cover my neck from chilly temps.

Tinted moisturizer from Laura Mercier, an absolute must when my skin is hurting from the cold. The shade I wear is Sand, and it has SPF20.

Lip balm. I have about 25 tubes and pots all over my desk, purse, car, my husband’s car, various coat pockets, etc. I think I’m getting my oldest hooked, he has started borrowing my lip balm 😀

Now for the cravings – check out those gorgeous eye and cheek colors, they’re from Sweet Libertine, a brand I found thanks to my friend Jen. I have a few eyeshadows, but I just heart this eye set. And the blush, from what I understand it’s a great substitute for the famous Nars Orgasm blush. I’ve never bought Nars because I didn’t want to spend that much, so this might be it for me.

What have you been relying on this winter?

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