My husband Steve has made a lot of amazing costumes for our boys and I thought I would gather them all in this page.

Sans (2016)

From the game Undertale, Sans is the final boss depending on which route you choose to take.

Smurfs (2013)

Yep, we’ll paint ourselves blue for fun.

Gipsy Danger (2013)

From the movie Pacific Rim, Gipsy Danger was the lead Jaeger (piloted robot) of the story, and our oldest asked for this to be his Halloween costume. Steve wrote a how-to when people started emailing me for details.


We dressed up for a friend’s birthday party held at a real old-time speakeasy in San Francisco.

Xenomorph from Alien (2012)

Now, our oldest has yet (it’s 2020 as I write this) to watch the movie but he caught a glimpse of the alien and decided he wanted to be it for Halloween.

Godzilla (2011)

Our youngest is, to this day, obsessed with Godzilla. Back when he was five, he wore this costume and absolutely loved it. Then it went to a little boy named Maddox whose wish was to be Godzilla in a short film.

He was also one of the winners in our San Francisco Chronicle Halloween contest.


I have to admit I had no idea who this was when Steve’s cousin asked him for help with his costume. But our oldest did and happily posed for a picture.

Drago from Bakugan (2010)

Bakugan was all the rage and we still have dozens of them in the playroom. This was the first costume we made for Aidan – I sewed the wings while Steve did the fabrication and set up.

Wubbzy from Wow Wow Wubbzy

Alex loved Wubbzy, so I sewed his outfit and Steve made the wired tail and painted the face.

Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf

I sewed Steve’s nightgown and bonnet and he applied tufts of fur, one by one, to his face. I also made my cape.

My all time favorites are the Xenomorph costume and Godzilla. Nowadays, our oldest wears purchased costumes and our youngest doesn’t wish to dress up any more but we had lots of fun making these – well, mostly Steve, but we have great memories of these homemade costumes!