Stop the presses!

I am so incredibly excited – last year our dear friends announced they were having a bebe and I made a few little things for the sweet darling girl.

And now we recently found that there is:

Other than Steve’s sweater, I plan on putting aside most of my projects in order to make a few things for the newest bebe. Little items are so fun to make and quick to knit up.

Here are a few items I will be choosing from for my new knitting marathon.

Tin Can Knits is the best source for quality patterns in an array of sizes: the Flax pullover is my first recommendation for anyone knitting their first sweater. It is well written, and it is free. It suits plain yarns as well as speckles, and it can be made for a newborn as well as for someone in a size 4XL. In the picture above, it is the pale pink sweater on the top left.

The Beloved bonnet is another fun pattern from Tin Can Knits, easily made holding 2 sock-weight strands or one DK strand of yarn. You can see one I made previously in the picture below.

For a pop of color, I am liking this sweet French Macaron pullover from The Noble Thread. Maybe make a little hat or booties in the accent color?

French Macaron by The Noble Thread

The Garter Ear Flap Hat has been made over ten thousand times – Purl Soho is an excellent source of patterns as well as yarns to make them and this adorable little hat is a quick knit.

Garter Ear Flap Hat by Purl Soho

My dear friend Cait showed me a gorgeous set of patterns inspired by the hobbits of Lord of the Rings. My only complaint is, why are they not in adult sizes? Because I would totally live in these pieces!

Mithril pullover
Elevensies jacket
Fellowship cloak
Hobbit vest
Tookish britches

Aren’t they all adorable?

Booties and mittens are always a fun extra to add to a bebe gift. I am looking forward to sorting through patterns to find something to complement the rest of my knits, but I’d love any suggestions!

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