Soundtrack – en Francais!

I will be visiting some of my all time favorite soundtracks as I knit Marie Greene’s beautiful Soundtrack sweater.

Chocolate AND France? Sign me up! When this movie came out in 2000 I wasted no time going to see it.

The music in this movie is light and luminous, and because of the main character’s ancestry, it even includes some pan-flute bits here and there. Lovely movie, lovely soundtrack, even better if you have some great chocolate to nibble on while you watch or listen.

Another great soundtrack to listen to while nibbling on some deliciousness – pastries, sweets, macarons? is Marie Antoinette, with the wonderful Kirsten Dunst as the doomed French queen. Again, as a history nerd and Francophile, this movie was a must for me, and the mix of classical and modern that director Sofia Coppola chose for the film makes for a timeless soundtrack.

The costumes and sets are also amazing, and by the way, that pair of shoes that doesn’t seem to fit in with anything else was totally on purpose by Coppola, who wanted her Marie Antoinette to show her young, carefree side.

Knitting wise, my Soundtrack sweater is hopping along, I am now on the third and last colorwork section and love, love, love, the way it’s turning out.

All details are on my Ravelry and Instagram, if you want to know the colorways, vendors, etc. This will be a long-sleeved pullover sweater, and I look forward to wearing it when it finally gets cold. I am seriously not okay with the current 80s-90s weather. The humidity is awful, I feel like I’m breathing vapor, and the heat gives me headaches and heat rashes. Summer can be over already.

Until next time!

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