Soundtrack – Orlando

I will be visiting some of my all time favorite soundtracks as I knit Marie Greene’s beautiful Soundtrack sweater.

In 1992, I discovered Tilda Swinton. There was a movie called Orlando, based on the book by Virginia Woolf, and I went to see it in the theater five times. I was fascinated by the story, the actor, and the music.

I bought the soundtrack at Tower Records and it became my background music for the next few months. Here’s a little bit of the soundtrack if you’re curious and I won’t tell anyone if you simply have to buy it. This movie also sent me into a spiral of frustration because 99% of the movies Tilda had made until then were too avant-garde and weren’t really found at Blockbuster Video. I did snag a copy of Edward II, which is an amazing film based on a play by Christopher Marlowe – yeah, that one – which was itself based on one of the most toxic royal marriages ever. The character Tilda plays is Isabella of France, Queen of England.

Knitting-wise, I am working through the second set of colorwork rows on my Soundtrack sweater.

The pattern is quite intuitive and the yarns I am using are lovely to work with. I have very sensitive skin plus arthritis, so yarn that is not kind to my hands is usually not worth it given the number of hours it takes to make a sweater, but I am very happy with these yarns.

I am making it with a little less ease than the recommended amount in the pattern – I am short and busty, so if I wear something with too much ease, it’s not super flattering. Marie’s patterns are very well crafted and I have made garments by her before so I trust her sizing.

That’s it for this Soundtrack update – until next time!

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