Come on LOFT, wtf?

Okay, this is where “fashion editors” completely lose me. One of my favorite stores, Ann Taylor LOFT invited 3 magazine editors to style some looks. Here is one by the Glamour editor:
All I’m saying is that if I’m wearing a fricking anorak with a scarf, then it’s not the right weather for those flimsy little sandals.

One of my little fashion quirks is – the longer the sleeve, the more closed up the shoe should be. That’s just my personal rule because inevitably, that’s how it’s worked out for me. If I am out and about in a sundress and sandals and it gets chilly enough for a cardigan, then my toes are also cold. So to see a coat and scarf paired with barely-there sandals is ridiculous in my shoes.

Thank you for the kind comments on my comparison between White House Black Market and more budget-friendly looks.

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