On Friday, we harvested . . .

Did you know “grabbling” means digging around for baby potatoes? Yep, it’s not “grabbing”, but “grabbling. On Friday, we got our first new potato and 9 strawberries. I would post some pictures here, except we ate them before I could get the camera.

It was joyful, my oldest boy and I, giggling as we found more strawberries to eat, him with the bowl yelling at me to give them the berries, and me jumping from raised bed to raised bed, trying not to step on anything too scary.

Did you know there is such a thing as white broccoli? I didn’t. Good thing I googled it because I was about to go yell at the nursery people because I thought they’d sold me cauliflower instead of broccoli.

We have two bell peppers in our near future, tons of plums and pears growing on the trees, and hopefully some tomatoes down the road.

Hope your Monday is a fabulous one!

3 thoughts on “On Friday, we harvested . . .

  1. Sounds like everything is coming along great! No I've never heard of white broccoli either…interesting.Have a great afternoon!Blessings,Jill

  2. I am a little jealous! Sounds like you are already having some wonderful things to harvest!! Really I think it is wonderful. Nothing like picking strawberries and eating them right then. It just doesn't get any fresher than that!!

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