Garden update

A quick review of some of our fruits and veggies:

Our onions have decided to get ready to flower:
I don’t know about you but seeing those bulbs remind me of being engorged with milk – I know, TMI!

Our blueberries are the right size:
Now they just need to be the right color 😀

We tried some of the peas and they were so sweet:
My oldest, Mr. I-Don’t-Try-New-Stuff, was eating them like candy.

We have serious plans for our corn:
This is only one side of the corn plantings we have.

I think we’ll have some green peppers next week
Maybe in a yummy stir-fry.

Our carrots are about as long as my finger – both my husband and I have peeked:
0521carrotstomatoesThe tomatoes are getting taller every day.

And my beloved roses keep filling my house with beautiful color:
That’s all the happenings in the garden for now, we’ve enjoyed many strawberries and a few peas and look forward to the rest of our harvest!

3 thoughts on “Garden update

  1. My garden is not producing a thing except lots of basil. I suspect it's because my lab keeps hopping into it to inspect everything, thus knocking over anything that might be attempting to grow. I get so mad at him!

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