Garden update

Wanna see what’s happening in my veggie garden?

Two pumpkins have started to grow – my husband took last year’s Halloween pumpkins and planted their seeds:
Apparently they are similar to our potatoes in that they are mature when the plant is shriveled and you have to leave them in the sun for a bit after harvesting. These are not the best for eating but we’re just growing them to see if we can.

We have over 50 of these on our plants:
We got 3 plants from a school fundraiser and 3 more because my son insisted, so we’ll see what their final output is.

Our grapes are doing very well
I don’t think we’ll have enough for making jelly but if they’re as sweet as last year’s we will enjoy them in their natural state.

I’m thinking it’s about time I harvested my lavender:
I’m torn between making sachets like I did last year or maybe a wreath like Centsational Girl’s.

The plums are ready for me to pick and make jam – so good!

In the front yard, my little one’s choice of plant from the school fundraiser is doing great and provides sweet color:

My oldest chose a blue plant since that’s his favorite color, and it’s also given place of honor in our front yard:

The hibiscus my husband chose is radiant with color, I just love the bright yellow!

The bamboo, however, might need some more wiring to keep it back, it’s like a jungle to get to our door!

These pretty lilies are gorgeous in the afternoon, they open up and brighten our gray front walls:

As a final surprise, this is what the onion flower I posted about a few weeks ago looks like when opened up – who knew? I sure didn’t.

Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Garden update

  1. Claudia!!! GOOD EVENING! Greetings from Minnesota….yes, we certainly have the potential to use our senses to evoke other emotions or potential. Thank you for visiting tonight! LISTEN AND CREATE BEAUTY!!!Anita

  2. That is quite the yard you have! How cool are the pumpkins?! I love Autumn… its my favorite time of year. There is nothing like Autumn in New England. If I had your yard I would never go indoors. Great blog… I am now following. xo

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