Field Trip with my oldest

My son’s class went on a field trip to Villa Montalvo yesterday, to see a production of The Magic School Bus. I was very happy to go as chaperone and had a blast with my boy and his friends. I only had two kids to chaperone, my son and his BFF, so it was great.

While I had a good time, the trip was not all smooth sailing. First, the bus driver was taking us to the wrong location, although my friend A. said I should have gotten off there instead 😀

The show itself was a little underwhelming. I know I wasn’t the target audience, but the songs were not catchy, the pacing was dreadful, and you couldn’t even understand some of the words because the songs so convoluted and two of the performers didn’t seem to be miked at all. The kids were done about 30 minutes into the show and were super restless. I overheard a boy saying “that was a baby show!” which tells ya that they weren’t really hitting the right balance of education and entertainment.

It was the first time I chaperoned on a school trip and I loved it. Which is good because since my poor husband just hurt his foot (again) I am replacing him as chaperon on a school trip with my youngest later this week!

Here are a couple of pics of Villa Montalvo from pinterest – if you have the chance to go, it is a gorgeous place. I am planning on going back soon just to take some photos of the place.

Source: via Susan on Pinterest

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