Fashion Friday: Scarf it down!

I love scarves, and I love that we’re in the perfect season for them. Right now afternoons still get a little warm but in the morning when take the boys to school, it is deliciously chilly!

I am super lucky that both my mom and my sister are avid knitters/crocheters, so they have contributed a large percentage of my scarf stash. My favorite purchased scarf is the tan one with tassels on the bottom right.


It is from Old Navy and it came in 3 different colorways, and yeah, I wish I had bought the other two because I love that thing.

A scarf can be such a versatile accessory – it can instantly transform a ho-hum outfit, i.e. what I wear most of the time, into something interesting. That said, I cannot wear two types of scarves – 1, the infinity type scarf, which are basically a big circle you wrap around your neck a few times, because my makeup and hair get wrecked. Graceful, I am not. And 2, the type that are very delicate, either lacy or the ones that are a bunch of flowers joined together, because I have two kids and two cats, and again, graceful I am NOT, and within 5 minutes the thing would be snagged into unwearable uselessness.

Luckily for me, there are plenty of other types of scarves that I can wear. As a devoted francophile the scarf is my accessory of choice – I love this article that came out last year about a writer who gets seduced by the power of a great scarf. Since I rather pride myself on not spending much for my “couture” I don’t think I’d be shelling out 150 euro for a scarf, but it’s a good article anyway.

I leave you with some images to inspire your weekend, stay warm!

Source: via Meggie on Pinterest

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

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