Superhero Birthday Party – Masks & Capes

Our original plan had been to make fabric masks and capes for the kids so they could be “superheroes” all afternoon — but then my husband decided to shape foam sheets into masks and off he went, making a ton of them in a variety of colors and shapes.

This one was my favorite:

I loved the sparkly rose gold color and the heart shapes!

My son chose this one:

Here he tries on another mask for size:

The kids loved choosing a mask and cape and wore them throughout the party – here are some of them during the piñata gorefest (not really). I made a few capes in different colors, and my son requested his be longer, and I added his initial on the back.

It was fun to see the kids trying to decide which color mask or cape to wear, it was a very important choice ;D

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13 thoughts on “Superhero Birthday Party – Masks & Capes

  1. Masks are a great way for kids to express themselves. I came from Katherine’s Corner to give you a wink. I’m enjoying your blog and wont stop, now continue to do the hop!! Now that we met come follow me, on my….. GFC….Oh! My Heartsie
    @Oh! My Heartsie

  2. my daughter and i were planning a superheroes party for sam, my grandson. she happened across your blog and so glad we did. i had seen some fabric masks also and was thinking about making some, but i like your husband’s idea so much better. may i ask how he went about the process? i have included my email address in the log in area.

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