Dreaming of Anthropologie

My sweet bloggy friend Michaela recently posted about some fabulous — and budget-friendly — gift ideas. She included items from Anthropologie so off I went to their website. Which is as far as I trust myself with Anthro, because if I were to walk in there, it sure wouldn’t be a budget-friendly visit for me!

I am currently into kitchen goodies, what do you think of some of my wish list items?

anthro kitchen

First would be a couple of adorable ceramic baskets, in turquoise, of course. On my counter, they would store some garlic or shallots.

I’ve been lusting after that milk bottle measuring cup set for ages. I know that 5 minutes after getting it in my house one of the cups would break, but still, I want it 😀

The pale turquoise tea towel would never be used, of course, but it has two things going for it – the color and the tea motif. I love me some tea on a cold morning. Revolution’s Earl Grey Lavender is by far, my favorite, but plain Earl Grey does the job as well.

I have one of the egg crates in white for teeny earrings, delicate brooches, etc. but I want a turquoise one as well. Of course.

This sweet salt-and-shaker set is just adorable. The warm orange/red/olive green palette makes it perfect for our kitchen/dining room.

Finally, I want these chalkboard-label spice jars but I’d use them for my craft supplies, I can envision a dozen of these holding various bits and bobs to embellish projects.

What do you think? Isn’t Anthropologie a great source of inspiration? I find myself coming up with projects every time I visit their store or website. Then I look back and see that I need to do laundry. Hope you liked some of these items — are you lusting after some Anthro goodness?

4 thoughts on “Dreaming of Anthropologie

  1. I am in love with Anthro housing/kitchen stuff. Always have been. I never, well very rarely go in the store. One because frankly I’m in Santana row rarely, and then because I’m just afraid to go in there. I do however order a candle online from them… because that seems pretty safe. 😀
    Love your choices … as always

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