Paris, of course!

Whenever someone asks what my favorite city in the world is, my answer is always, Paris. Of course, I love the city I live in because it’s where my family is, and I love the city where I was born and miss it a lot, but I must admit to a decades-long attachment to Paris.

My first Parisian experience was in the Marais district, fresh out of university, I decided to park my bags at a youth hostel on a sweet little cobblestone street.

I loved this quiet little street, the gorgeous church, and the doggie that hung out at the restaurant on the corner.

I soon discovered that Paris was everything I had expected, and more.


My closest Metro stop was Pont Marie, the name of which became part of my first ever email address.


I loved how the simplest buildings could be so gorgeous, the beautiful architectural details not reserved for museums or city halls, but instead part and parcel of the style of the city.




In Paris, you can start your day – every day! – with a pastry, you know why? Because then you walk everywhere for the rest of the day!

And how adorable are those window boxes above?

You can indulge your addiction to freshly baked bread, too!


And enjoy a bit of wine with dinner every evening:


A Highlander: The Series fan, I ran to the spot where Duncan’s barge was usually parked,

only to discover that they were filming in Canada at the time. After I returned to the States, they moved back to film in Paris again – MERDE!!!

I walked down the famous Champs Elysees

there were posters for Four Weddings and a Funeral, or rather, Quatre mariages et un enterrement, which was the hit movie of that year.
The Eiffel Tower also beckoned

but I have to say that it was not the tourist sites that made me love this city.
It wasn’t the expensive boutiques or the fancy couture I saw.
It was the history, written on every street, every window and door that have witnessed so much

It was the food, made to be truly enjoyed and not agonized over

It was the women, ever so chic and confident, buying clothes that will last instead of clothes to fit this season’s trends

It was the beauty, everywhere, to be enjoyed even during lunch hour

because seriously, if you could go to a place like that to eat your PB&J, wouldn’t you?

And that is why I love Paris. Because of what it is, and because of what it is not. But you know, I decided a few years ago to bring that feeling to my home. I try to cook as much as I can so that I know I am giving my family healthy, nourishing food they can enjoy. I grow my own veggies so that we can eat corn that spent the morning still attached to its stalk. I try to buy things that will last – obviously that doesn’t work for my boys, because they outgrow everything within 3 months – but it means enjoying what we have, instead of always looking around to see what else we can get. It means enjoying life.

32 thoughts on “Paris, of course!

    1. Very pleased to meet you as well – I am in Paris only in my mind, but hopefully soon I can go back and start teaching my children to appreciate it, too!

  1. absolutely gorgeous!!! i can’t tell you how much i have enjoyed this post. i even read it twice (and that’s just so far, because i know i will again ๐Ÿ™‚ and spent a good while too gazing longingly at all the wonderful images.
    i love that you have taken some of paris into your kitchen, i like to make meals with fresh ingredients too. thank you so much for sharing this truly wonderful post!

    have a very lovely weekend xx


    1. Awww, thank you, that is very nice to hear, Dorothy! We are lucky to grow lots of things here so I can give my family the best food possible – have a great week!

  2. You always remember your first time in Paris, don’t you? You capture the feeling beautifully. Paris, unlike any other city, seduces. It is difficult not to succomb to its alluring ways… but then, why would you want to???

  3. WOW. THANK YOU for this lovely photo essay on what Paris means to you. And I am so thrilled that you decided to do this with us. I TOO love the details of the PEOPLE and their daily lives and the French taught me so much as I have been teaching French for many years. Thrift, satisfaction with what you have and most of all, LA JOIE DE VIVRE!!! BRAVO MY DEAR; enjoy your weekend and I hope you get a chance to visit with the others…it is SUCH AN INSPIRATION!!! LOVE! Anita

    1. Chere Anita, thank you for your delightful party, what a wonderful way to remind me of all I love about Paris – and see what others have to say – have a great week!

  4. How great it must have been to spend time in Paris! What a lovely post. I so enjoyed the photographs of the doors/doorways. Such elegance!

    I’m enjoying the Lovely Anita’s Link Party!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  5. BON JOUR!!!!
    lucky you to LIVE in the CITY that is NOW at the top of my list!!!I LOVE PARIS!!!!Just went for the first time in April..yes, April in Paris!!!!I am smitten and will return sooner then later!!!

    1. Oh I don’t live in Paris – I WISH!!! I live in Silicon Valley, very VERY different place. April in Paris, how lucky you are!!! I’ve been in January and June, and it was raining both times ;D

  6. This was incredible view into your world, thank you so much for taking the time to write such an interesting post. Lovely photos too

  7. Good morning! I SO enjoyed your Paris post for Anita’s party–what a lovely treat! I loved your philosophy at the end, as well…just perfect.

    WIshing you a beauitful weekend…


    1. I hope your weekend has been a wonderful one, thank you for your visit and kind comment! I believe we can make the best life possible living anywhere in the world – of course, I’d prefer Paris but I’ll take what I got!

  8. Bonjour!
    I loved reading of your time in Paris and the images are just beautiful! I am so happy to meet you while touring dear Anita’s Paris link Party.

  9. Delighted to have enjoyed your tour and thoughts about Paris! My reasons to love this magnificent city are similar…and I hope you will find inspiration in my Paris picnic, too.
    What an brilliant idea of Anita to connect us all through our love of the City of Light

  10. Great post! I have to agree with your thoughts on this city so many of us love. I fell in love the first time on a trip in the late 1980s. Ten years later, retired, and ready to travel, I found myself returning to Paris time and again. Each visit just made me long to spend yet more time in this amazing city for the very reasons you expressed. Lovely visit here and so nice to meet you! ~ Sarah

    1. Lovely to meet you Sarah – our Paris is enchanting, no? I can’t wait to go back. My husband has been saying something about Italy, but really, Paris should be our first European destination together!

  11. I loved visiting your blog, although I have never been to Paris, I have enjoyed lots of little adventures while visiting, Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. That was a great tour of Paris. I’m reaching the last section of Anita’s grand tour, I started at the bottom of the list..coming in for a grand sweep…Merci, lovely visit here, Mary

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