Lego Birthday Party

My youngest turns six today. We celebrated on Sunday with a small birthday party in the theme of his choosing — Lego Dinosaurs. I did a simple invite based off the Dino Lego website, using the Legothick font I downloaded for free:

The day was beautiful, a little warm for my (arctic) taste, but my in-laws lent us their canopies and we had a great time chatting in the backyard and watching the kids play.

For the cake, we chose to do a Lego brick cake — actually two, since I made one chocolate and one vanilla cake. My son’s choice was blue frosting on his vanilla cake, so I made the buttercream, too. First time, and I think it tasted pretty good. The chocolate cake was covered in green buttercream. We had liquid food coloring at home so I used that, but it took so much coloring to get the shade I wanted that I think next time I will use gel food coloring. My son saw the blue buttercream and gave it a thumbs up. Then he tasted some and wanted to eat the whole container so I had to refrigerate it for a while ;D

A couple of friends suggested Ding Dongs for the Lego studs on the cake:

Here’s my sweet Alex blowing out the candles:

It worked out perfectly that I made a six-stud brick and he was turning six, I just stuck a candle into each, uh, Ding Dong stud. Man, that sounds bad, huh? lol

For the piñata, my husband made a fabulous, Alex-sized version of one of the Lego Dino wranglers:

Here you can see the “model” on the shoulder:

Clothing details:

It’s alive!

My husband gazes at his creation one last time before the kids go at it!

Alex with his piñata:

After the carnage, my oldest made sure to save the head for our future “trophy room” — seriously, we have saved the heads off a few piñatas and costumes, and I told my husband we should mount them on the wall the way others mount moose and tiger heads 😀

Hope you’ve enjoyed looking through our Lego party – have a great Tuesday!

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12 thoughts on “Lego Birthday Party

  1. I wish I had known about the Ding Dongs for the cake in March! I used cupcakes for James’, then cut off the top. I am super impressed with the pinata! I did a Lego head and it drove me crazy. Major props to the husband for making such an awesome pinata!

    1. I was going to do cupcakes! Then I was told either Ding Dongs or those little donuts they sell in boxes. Steve did a great job on the piñata, now we’re thinking hmmmm, Halloween costumes??? The boys are into Lego Batman 😀

  2. Love this!! What a fabulous idea and your husband is quite talented too!!
    Thank you so much for joining us in Thursdays Favorite Things Blog Hop! With His grace, wishing you peace and many blessings to you and yours… Carla

    1. Yeah, he knocked it out of the park with that piñata, didn’t he? Thanks for your kind comment – btw, I am subscribing to your blog, living and working on a farm is one of my dreams.

  3. My kids are older, and we’ve done a lot of Lego stuff over the years. We’re still into Lego, actually–my youngest son may end up with a Lego-themed career! (By the way, his sixth birthday party was Lego-themed as well. Makes me long for those days.)

    Anyway, that is the very best pinata I have ever seen. Hands down. Looks like you and your husband make a great team, especially when it comes to parties!

    1. That’s very sweet of you, although my rudimentary cake skills can’t compare to the piñatas and costumes my husband comes up with ;D We just watched a documentary about a guy whose dream job was to work for Lego and it happens, he moves to Denmark and ends up designing for them.

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