Bond, James Bond

Are you going to see Skyfall this November? I think it’s so nice of the studio to release the movie just before my birthday. Between Skyfall and the Young House Love book, which also comes out just before my birthday, I tell ya, it’s going to be a good start to my 41st year of life. Oh god.

My dear college friend Carina and I went to our little nail polish place a couple of days ago and I fell in love with some of the OPI Skyfall collection. Here is a picture, from the OPI website, of the Skyfall collection

The shades I liked the most were The World is not Enough, a beautiful shimmery taupe, and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, a purple-gray also with some shimmer. For a very glam holiday look, try the Bond Manicure as described on the OPI site. I also got a cobalt blue (very in color this season) from the OPI Germany collection, called Un-for-greta-bly blue:

Thanks, Carina, for a great time hanging out and for my beautiful nail polishes, I am wearing a Skyfall shade on each hand right now and will probably wear the cobalt blue for my date with my husband ;D

6 thoughts on “Bond, James Bond

    1. They aren’t coming to California at all, so far. Boo! If they do, I will do my best, but usually Bay Area booksignings are in San Francisco during the week, which is really hard for me to do, it’s about an hour away and I hate driving in SF. I hope they will add more dates and places 😀

  1. YAY!!! I’m glad you like the collection. 🙂 I have to try on some colors…I’ve kind of been a bit behind on the swatching, but I keep meaning to catch up. The rain these past few days have been eating into my back-up swatches.

    I hope you don’t mind me sharing the pic of Aidan on my FB wall…it wasn’t showing up before because of your privacy settings.

    Colin is all in love with your son’s costume, by the way.

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