Cold weather comfort

I planned this post before temperatures started soaring in my neck of the woods, but although we’re in the eighties here for a couple of days, I am still enjoying my cup of tea in the mornings. And, it should be colder in a few days. Right? Right??

Recently my husband and I have been enjoying some hot and comforting beverages to ward off the chill in the mornings and late evenings. He tends to go for the spicy and full bodied (hmm, wait a minute) while I enjoy whatever kind of new-to-me tea is my current favorite.

From left to right, this is what we are enjoying right now:
Yogi Detox tea – No, I am not doing any sort of actual detox, but I was looking for something for cooler weather and the herb/flavor mix seemed right up my alley. It tastes so good, with a hint of spice but still calming and comforting. Even my husband, who is not into teas unless it’s chai, asked me what it was because it smells so good. I got it at my regular grocery store.

Wang Derm Thai Iced Tea – We love to drink thai iced tea, and last night we enjoyed a nice chilled glass of it after my husband had been cleaning out the garage all day. Because I try to avoid dairy and this was made with condensed sweet milk, it is not something I will have often, particularly in the coming cold months, but it was such a treat.

Celestial Chamomile Tea – Love, love, love this. I make it most evenings as part of my evening routine, and it reminds me of the tea the nuns used to make at the school’s nurse’s office whenever I had stomach issues. Now I know it was probably all that dairy I was drinking when I was little – d’oh! This is found just about everywhere.

Twinings Winter Spice – Steve bought this one and I am a total convert. It is sort of a mix between my beloved chamomile and the detox tea above. It has the chamomile base flavor with spices added. Also found everywhere during the cold months.

The last two are two David Rio Chai blends we got at World Market:
Flamingo Vanilla (pink tin) – I like this one because it has more of a vanilla kick, is decaffeinated, and I can make it with my rice milk. The Orca Spice blend in the blue tin has more of a spice blend and it is also great with any non-dairy milk. Or dairy, obviously, just not for me ;D

These are some of our current favorites, nothing was gifted or given to us, it’s just a few comments on what we are enjoying lately. Hope your week is a great one!

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