Playing in Petaluma

After nearly two weeks of being sick with the plague, and with the weather warming up the days a bit, we decided to take a little drive up north to the lovely town of Petaluma. We stopped by the seed store — closed on a Saturday?? boo! — and had some yummy pizza, but it was the stop in between that was my boys’ favorite.

Powell’s Sweet Shoppe is a kid’s dream come true. All sorts of candy line the walls, fill drawers in the armoires, and stand ready to fill plastic bags for you to take home.

My little man looks a little overwhelmed, doesn’t he?

I might get this when they start their US History lessons ;D

Love all the old-fashioned sodas!

This is where my husband and I stopped – the truffles were so good!

I had the Milk Chocolate, Chocolate Decandence, and Chocolate on Chocolate – yum!

And look, they had LEGO versions of my Niners!

The boys stocked up on gummies and some other goodies before deciding it was time for lunch. After our pizza, we drove home and started working on cleaning up the backyard. We continued on Sunday and things are looking much nicer although my hamstrings are killing me!

And for the record — no spoilers — but this is where I drew the line for Downton Abbey when I found out a couple of months ago. It was bad enough that they killed off my favorite female character a few eps back, but really? According to writer Julian Fellowes, he had no choice but to do what was done in last night’s episode. Sorry, Jule, you are a WRITER, you should be able to come up with better ideas than that. I think Mr. Fellowes is brilliant at writing things like Gosford Park, where it’s a couple of hours and he can weave his magic, but he fails miserably at long-term character development and plot pacing, two key elements in a series. Another one that is on the verge of losing me is Once Upon a Time, but that’s best left for another day – hope your week is a wonderful one!

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