’tis fall in our living room

And nowhere else, apparently, given the 100-degree weekend we just had. But in the spirit of “if you decorate for it, it will arrive”, I added some fall touches to our living room.

We had everything I used, although some of the garlands have seen better days and didn’t get used. I love groupings of candles at varying heights, and I made the little candle with cinnamon sticks last year:

The brown vase in the back is from IKEA and the green bottle held liquor in its former, non-decorative, life. The two lovely glass pumpkins are very dear to me and I will share why later in this post.

On the TV console, I used a fabric runner my mom made a few years ago and used decorative pumpkins, our LED candles and real candles, a miniature chest a friend gave me long, long ago, and a fall floral spray on top:

The other side continues the theme with more small candles. Even though it was like 90 degrees when I took this picture, I have to admit I love candles. Their glow is just magical.

Overall view:

Now on to the glass pumpkins. These were given to me by my dear friend Kat.

I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since she passed. I miss her every day and although I am super busy, the mornings I used to spend with her still feel empty. Thank you for making me a better person, Kat.

So that’s our living room with some touches of autumn throughout, I am hoping that the matching autumn weather is here SOON!!! I dream of long walks with my sweet Foxy, wrapped in sweaters and scarves — both of us, ha ha – while the wind blows and the leaves turn golden. For now I just have super early walks because anything after 10am is too fricking hot and I am sweating like a pig 30 seconds into the walk.

I have a couple of fall projects I am working on and hope to share with you all soon!

Ivy tired of this!

There is a spot on our front yard that has been an eyesore for me since we moved in.

It’s a square of ivy. The footprint is delineated in brick and then it’s just ivy.

Like many decisions made by the first owner of this house, I have no idea what they were thinking, but in any case, it wasn’t to my liking. Eventually, it, uh, wasn’t to my husband’s liking either. You know how these things go. He was good enough to begin demolishing it on Labor Day weekend.

As you can see, there is a concrete square in the middle. Then the area between the concrete and the brick, where the ivy was planted, is just ground.

This is what the front yard looked like when Steve called it a day:

We have cleaning up to do, of course, but already I like looking at the front of my house more. Instead of this random ivy block placed on one corner of the front yard, now I can see the hibiscus and other plants we have out front.

The general plan is to convert this area into a covered sitting spot so in the afternoon we can sit out here while the kiddos play. The details have not been finalized, but you can believe I am having some fun putting things together.

Hope your long weekend was a wonderful one!

Fashion Friday: Fall, where are you???

It’s been in the 90s here this week. That’s just not ok, really. I am so ready for my scarves and sweaters and boots and everything that is cozy and layered.

Here are some sets I’ve put into a collection to inspire my autumnal fashion wardrobe:

Have a wonderful weekend!