Isabel by Tocca

I have to say this is the first fragrance I have bought for myself in years – I think the last time was when I was working at Nordstrom for the holidays back in 2009. My husband usually buys me perfume, he was in Canada for business a few months ago and showed up with Miss Dior and Coco by Chanel, which were the latest additions to my little collection.

I was subscribing to Birchbox for a few months (I’ve traded it for Rocksbox) and I received a sample of Tocca’s new scent, Isabel. It is pretty and feminine but not overly floral, and there’s something really “sparkling” about it. I fell in love with it, and on my recent visit to Chicago with my bff, I purchased a bottle at Sephora.

I can’t believe it’s already August. My boys start school next month, my youngest turned nine a few days ago, this year is really flying by. I am so looking forward to experiencing fall here in the Midwest. Summer has been wonderful and I am very excited about the holidays.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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