Well Preserved

Well Preserved is the title of an awesome book I got a couple of weeks ago – I am so excited to try some of the recipes! It’s all about preserving food, which is something fairly new to me. I have made fruit jam and frozen lots of stuff but am new to canning/dehydrating.

The author is pretty no-nonsense, there is no pretentious bullshit, the recipes look yummy and the preserving instructions crystal-clear. It’s a really good book if you want to try your hand at preserving food in small quantities.

One I mean to try as soon as the main ingredient is available is the Cherries in Wine recipe – for every preserving recipe there are three recipes on how to use your newly preserved item. Did that make sense? For example, you get a Cherries in Wine preserving recipe, then recipes for Cherry Tenderloin, Seared Duck Breast with Cherries, and Cherries in Wine Soup with Mascarpone. Yum.

Between this book and my newly acquired dehydrator, I think we are going to have some very happy bellies this year!

2 thoughts on “Well Preserved

  1. Hi! I popped over from Amanda's blog to say hello. I love new cookbooks (almost like an addiction really..do they have a 12 step for that?) and it sounds like you have some projects to keep you busy with that new fancy dehydrator! Come visit me at Southern Somedays if you get the chance. Have a super Wednesday!

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