What I’m Watching: Pillars of the Earth

I like my stories to have strong characters, plausible storylines, interesting concepts and, ideally, be set in a period other than the current one. If there’s eye candy, especially if there’s British eye candy, I’m there.

I’m currently watching Pillars of the Earth on Netflix, catching half an episode here and there, when the boys let me. I completely missed this when it came on TV, but I was browsing around and found this, and I am completely hooked!

The summary will tell you it’s about building a cathedral in the Middle Ages but it’s about much more than that. The cast is awesome, including two of my favorite Brits: Rufus Sewell, who caught my eye in Middlemarch years ago, and Matthew Macfadyen, Mr. Darcy from the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice.

I never read the book but now I will definitely read the sequel, World Without End, and hope it is also made as a TV series.

One thought on “What I’m Watching: Pillars of the Earth

  1. Have not seen this one yet. Will have to try to find it…if i ever get a chance to watch t.v. lol. Have a great weekend!Blessings,Jill

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