Girl Crush: Alison Pill

I first saw actress Alison Pill in The Pillars of the Earth, playing Princess Maud/Empress Matilda:

I thought her portrayal was gutsy, and a highlight of the production. Then I watched one of my all time favorite movies, Midnight in Paris, and was delighted to see her, completely transformed, as Zelda Fitzgerald:

Her accent was spot on, and her performance, which could have been over the top, was instead very nuanced and bittersweet. And yes, that’s Loki as F. Scott Fitzgerald.

A week ago, I decided to check out The Newsroom, the fabulous new (to me) show from Aaron Sorkin. You must understand that I am hopelessly behind on new TV shows so please indulge me in my fantasy that this show is brand new.

Luckily, HBO ran a marathon — which showed me just how behind I really am — of episodes and I was able to catch up and wonder, I guess along with others, if Jim Harper was purposely named as such, given his Jim Halpert -like role. Anyway, to my surprise, there was talented Miss Alison as earnest production assistant Maggie Jordan, torn between arrogant and hot producer Don “eat me” Kiefer and rumpled good guy Jim Halpert. Sorry, Jim Harper. And no, I’m probably not caught up yet so don’t spoil it for me, please!

Another “The Office ” tie in is that the actress playing Lisa, Maggie’s roommate and Jim’s unwanted girlfriend, played Dwight Schrute’s one time love interest Isabel.

Okay, so I’m not the only one thinking this Jim Halpert/Jim Harper thing is weird/confusing/intentional? Gotta love Google.

Dear Miss Alison, I am sorry this post that was intended to be All About You got derailed by the Jims Conspiracy. I think you are a brilliant actress and look forward to seeing you in many more awesome projects. Sincerely, Me.

What I’m Watching: Pillars of the Earth

I like my stories to have strong characters, plausible storylines, interesting concepts and, ideally, be set in a period other than the current one. If there’s eye candy, especially if there’s British eye candy, I’m there.

I’m currently watching Pillars of the Earth on Netflix, catching half an episode here and there, when the boys let me. I completely missed this when it came on TV, but I was browsing around and found this, and I am completely hooked!

The summary will tell you it’s about building a cathedral in the Middle Ages but it’s about much more than that. The cast is awesome, including two of my favorite Brits: Rufus Sewell, who caught my eye in Middlemarch years ago, and Matthew Macfadyen, Mr. Darcy from the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice.

I never read the book but now I will definitely read the sequel, World Without End, and hope it is also made as a TV series.