Really, Anthropologie?

I love some of your stuff, dear A, but some of your prices are seriously freakish.
My little one used to have special needs classes to help with his fine motor skills. One of his “jobs” was sorting balls (get your minds outta the gutter!) and stringing them on a cord, and I’m pretty sure he came up with something like this at one point, when he ended up knotting something that took the teachers 45 minutes to un-knot.

You’re telling me I could have financed my boys’ college education if I’d just given my youngest some string and balls? I could have my villa in the South of France by now? I could be a Real Housewife of Silicon Valley?

Apparently people will pay more than $400 for tangled balls. Who knew?

One thought on “Really, Anthropologie?

  1. It is kind of painful to think of isn't it? Every time I see something like that I why didn't I think of that? It is a pretty necklace though. :o)Too funny, Claudia!Donna @ Comin' Home

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