Obsessed with pancakes

When I was little, growing up in Lima, a favorite destination for a weekend treat was Palachinke, a pancake place that served huge, thin pancakes. I always asked for banana pancakes and was never able to finish.

Flash forward to last week, when Mom was staying with me and we headed up to IKEA – we had breakfast there and I enjoyed their thin pancakes:
I learned from a quick Google search that “palacinke” (as well as various derivations of the word) is the Eastern European name for these crepes.

As you can imagine, I am determined to make these at home because going to IKEA for breakfast every day is just not feasible. Tempting, but not feasible. I did get a jar of lingonberry jam because it was so delicious!

5 thoughts on “Obsessed with pancakes

  1. Lingonberries are the BEST with Swedish Pancakes!Go to Door County on vacation sometime for the best ever at Al Johnsons in Sister Bay!!!!! Sigh. I am pregnant… now you have made it so I have to get my fat butt up off this couch and go make some pancakes. Sounds so GOOD right now!Thanks for your kind words about my sister's shower!Angela,Parisienne Farmgirl

  2. I've never had thin pancakes before, but they sound delicious! Lucky for me I also live by an IKEA, but I may even get crazy and try these at home. I love lingonberries too–Yum. Thanks Clod! (I know I'm only amusing myself by using your nickname again, but I can't stop. I think it's adorable.)

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