Oh shit!

I was getting this post ready when I realized I broke my Lent promise not to purchase craft materials. I lasted a big whooping THREE DAYS before I broke my word. At least it wasn’t on purpose.

On Saturday, my mother-in-law took my boys (and my husband) to the San Francisco Zoo to see the baby hippo. I took advantage of it by changing up a few things and doing some deep cleaning around the house.

A while back I ordered some antique maps of Lima, where I grew up.
They now grace my entryway.

This pretty butterfly paper was one of the things I purchased that broke my Lent promise.
But it looks so pretty! 😀

I posted a few weeks ago about a dino-pendant I liked . . .
. . . and I found a dino charm at Michaels soon after, so I made this little bracelet. It has an Eiffel Tower and a Fleur de Lis, AND a dino in honor of my boy!

These are the other papers I bought that broke my Lent promise:
This is my Easter-themed bookcase top.

And here is my mantel, de-winterized and green-ed up for Spring! I’ll add some Easter goodies as I get them, too.
I found the cute little green bud vase way in the back of a bookcase shelf. I’m glad I looked!

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