Bits of Spring and Easter

I’m not one for many Easter vignettes — for one, I bought some lovely decorative eggs and set them up nicely. Two minutes later my boys had gotten a frying pan down and were “frying” the glittery eggs. Mm-hmm. But then I found a vase that is actually an “egg vase” from PB and put the glittery goodness inside.

This poor critter has been taken out and put back in a few times already as my children grab Easter candy corn:

And this way, ladies and gentlemen, we have the world-famous Monogram Corner — and we’re walking, and we’re walking, and we’re stopping. (Bonus points if you get the reference. Because I love that movie.)

Thank goodness the boys waited until the candle flame was out before they dove for the Hershey’s Kisses. Sheesh.

The little bottles are from Starbucks drinks, with colorful paper and self-adhesive edging I found at Michael’s.

Those are my little Spring/Easter accents around the house – because anything more complicated is just going to end up victimized by flying Angry Birds. My husband built a life-sized slingshot for the boys to hurl their stuffed toys. The boys cheered, my husband fist-bumped them, and I ran to take all the crystal stuff off the mantel. Happy weekend everyone!

Spring setting

We had the pleasure of having my in-laws over for dinner on Monday night – we try to have dinner together once a week, as much as our crazy lives allow!
I recently made a set of napkins out of a pretty yellow cotton fabric – I love them!

Not only are they better to use than paper napkins but the color makes me happy. I paired them with round placemats from IKEA – don’t they look pretty and spring-y?
I only got 4 placemats because I wasn’t sure I’d like them but since I love them I am going to get some more. I made 16 napkins since we host holidays, it was super easy and I am happy not to be using paper napkins any more!

Favorite Outfit: Spring Day

I wore something very similar to this on Monday to do the school run and do some errands. It was cool but not cold, and it sprinkled a bit when I went to pick up my youngest but I just put the scarf on my head and my hair didn’t get frizzy.

And no, I definitely do NOT have that bag, it’s like $6000 or something, mine is this one from Tarjay but the one in the pic was the closest Polyvore had. If I had $6,000 to spend on a bag I’d buy one in Paris for $20 and use the other $5800 to have a grand Parisian vacation 😀

What I’ve been doing

I’ve been feeling like lightening up my home with some spring-y blues and greens. A couple of trips to Michaels and IKEA helped in that endeavor.

These candles got glammed up with some flowers – $2.99 for six at Michaels – and ribbon.
The center one is on one of my yellow ramekins from World Market.

We’ve had this lovely glass vase since our wedding – we used it for cards with good wishes our guests wrote. After, it languished in the master bathroom for almost eight years. Then I saw this on the PB website.
I got a fake plant (because our dining room is so dark it wouldn’t be fair to a poor real plant) and I love how it looks, flanked by my beloved Fleur-de-Lis candlesticks.

With the help of one of my new BFFs, Valspar’s Everglad Glen spray paint, I brought a frame into the spring season.
This is one of my all-time favorite pics of my boys together.

Last week I was super inspired by Kimba’s Map Decor link party and did this:
The lantern is from IKEA (I also have one in light green) and the tray was paint sprayed with another new favorite, Valspar’s Exotic Sea. I love the combination of the bold turquoise with the muted map print and the white lantern.

So that’s my mini Spring-a-looza tour – I am currently working on a long project that involves lots and lots – and lots – of fabric. Stay tuned!

Oh shit!

I was getting this post ready when I realized I broke my Lent promise not to purchase craft materials. I lasted a big whooping THREE DAYS before I broke my word. At least it wasn’t on purpose.

On Saturday, my mother-in-law took my boys (and my husband) to the San Francisco Zoo to see the baby hippo. I took advantage of it by changing up a few things and doing some deep cleaning around the house.

A while back I ordered some antique maps of Lima, where I grew up.
They now grace my entryway.

This pretty butterfly paper was one of the things I purchased that broke my Lent promise.
But it looks so pretty! 😀

I posted a few weeks ago about a dino-pendant I liked . . .
. . . and I found a dino charm at Michaels soon after, so I made this little bracelet. It has an Eiffel Tower and a Fleur de Lis, AND a dino in honor of my boy!

These are the other papers I bought that broke my Lent promise:
This is my Easter-themed bookcase top.

And here is my mantel, de-winterized and green-ed up for Spring! I’ll add some Easter goodies as I get them, too.
I found the cute little green bud vase way in the back of a bookcase shelf. I’m glad I looked!