Paris art

I’m always on the search for art depicting my favorite city in the world – Paris. Today I’m sharing these lovely works by artists that let us enjoy their art without spending beaucoup bucks.

This is one of four postcards in a set, made by TINYKITN. You could mail them, sure, but they would look so pretty framed in a grid, don’t you think? I would love something like this for a wall in my bedroom.

Now this one would belong in my kitchen/dining room – as would any of talented Lucille‘s other prints – not only do you get charming illustrations but many of them include a recipe as well. Gorgeous AND dangerous art!

I love how bright and cheerful Lynsey Hunter’s cards and prints are – she also has prints of different cars that I love.

Don’t you just want to sit on that chair and look out the window? Kitty on your lap, dog at your feet, what a great way to spend an afternoon. Shell Sherree‘s illustrations make me want to step into her art for a few hours.

Bon, c’est tout, mes amies, that’s all for now, my friends, I hope you have enjoyed these beautiful pieces of art with me!

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