Feline royalty: update

After I posted about my Egyptian Mau, I was asked in a comment how Willie-Boo had come to lose his eye.

When we adopted him, we were told by the shelter staff that they had found him with one eye in such bad condition that the only recourse was to take it out. He had, apparently, been in a fight, and the eye was pretty much hanging out. Poor guy. Willie was definitely someone’s lap cat who ended up getting lost or was abandoned or something, because he is the most loving, cuddly cat ever. The shelter doctors did the appropriate surgery and he has no problem getting around with just one eye. He jumps on and off tables and sofas with no problem, and as I said in my last post, he RULES Bernie. They get along really well but just like my human kids, they love to play and fight sometimes. But they are each other’s BFF and companion.

At this point, Bernie is 11 and Willie somewhere around 10 years old.

One more thing – I am terribly allergic to Willie! True. I had never any problem with Bernie, but the night Willie came home with us I had to go back on inhalers. Call me crazy, but I chose to take my medication instead of taking him back. I am allergic to some cats and dogs; for example, I can’t be in my mother-in-law’s house or in my friend Kathie’s house for more than ten minutes without having a major allergy attack. What does that mean? I start having difficulty breathing – I can feel my lungs getting heavy inside my chest – coughing starts soon after, and at that point even if I take my emergency inhaler the only solution is to remove myself from the place or I would die from being unable to breathe. And this is why we now host Thanksgiving and Christmas šŸ˜€ My husband’s parents used to host but I just couldn’t make it through the entire thing.

If you have any further questions, just let me know! ;D

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