5 Places to Go

When you dream of going somewhere, where does your mind take you? What places would you love to visit? What countries call to you?

I’ve been very lucky to have traveled throughout Western Europe a few times, I took my first Caribbean cruise last year and I am originally from South America — here is a map of places I have visited so far:

But of course, the wanderlust is always there and as my boys grow, there are more and more places I would love for them to discover. Off the top of my head, here are five places I would love to visit:

Source: google.ca via Freezi on Pinterest

Paris, of course, always Paris, beloved Paris, my someday-home, my favorite city in the world, the place I’d most like to retire to. Both my husband and I have been to Paris but not together, so it is #1 in our travel list. Some side trips to the Loire castle area would be included, bien sur, and I would bring an empty suitcase just to fill it up with various food and cooking utensils to bring home!

Being a history lover, I would love to go to Russia someday. The museums, the palaces, I want to see it all. The Hermitage alone would keep me busy for a couple of days. I love to buy museum postcards and prints, frame them up at home, and remember all the gorgeous things I saw.

This one would be for the boys – they love elephants and all sorts of big animals. A safari (not for hunting!) would be the trip of a lifetime. To see these majestic beasts in a more natural setting would be an amazing experience.

Source: google.com via Julie on Pinterest

Wales – Like the original pic caption says, I would LOVE to go to Cardiff because I am a Torchwood fan (waaaa, Ianto!) but also this would be part of our British Isles trip. I’ve been to England, Ireland and Scotland, but my husband hasn’t, and neither of us has been to Wales, so it’s definitely on the list. I love to explore the smaller towns and rural areas as well as the main cities, so I think Wales would be a wonderful all-around destination.

Source: google.com via Natalie on Pinterest

Last but most certainly not least, Japan. I would absolutely love to visit Japan and I know my oldest wants to go because “that’s where Godzilla is from.” The culture, the food, the customs, all so different from my upbringing and my daily life – again, I would want to visit the main cities and the small villages.

Someday, I hope.

What places outside the US would you love to visit?

One thought on “5 Places to Go

  1. Super fun post, Claudia!I'd love to visit South of France and Italy. Italy is my passion!Let me ask you something… do you like having an account with pinterest? I/ thinking of having one… can you tell me the pros? :-)Oh, juts saw your boards…. you have great taste!!!! And I'm not talking about the "hotties".. LOLThanks!xoLuciane at HomeBunch.com

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