I recently had a gift card left over from my birthday loot and decided to buy new Christmas stockings for our family. I think it’s the second thing I’ve ever bought from Pottery Barn because their prices are usually ridiculous, but these were super reasonable – $9 for the little ones, and $16 for the large ones, embroidery included and free shipping.

I like how they coordinate and look cohesive. I didn’t want anything fancy or with any designs, just our names. My husband and I had made stockings for each other when we were first dating, but we never made anything for our boys – I know, right, bad parents! – they had stockings but they were just plain. If you look at my oldest’s stocking (third from left) you will see a tiny stocking hanging from the same hook. He has a stuffed toy elephant that he loves so I bought a mini stocking and added an elephant pin in honor of Soft Elephant.

Our old stockings are hanging around the house – the boys’ plain stockings are hanging on their doors, mine is up by my desk, and my husband’s is by his desk.

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