(20) twelve things about me

Last January 1st I told you eleven things about me, so I figured I’d make it a yearly ritual.

1 – I turned 40 almost 2 months ago. I celebrated the milestone with a trip to Napa with some friends, and a big party back home for lots of lovely friends and family. It was awesome to see so many people from different areas of my life.

2 – For my birthday, I requested (those guests who asked) seeds or garden stuff for my veggie/fruit garden. I got so much that I am not sure if I have space for everything, and I have a pretty big backyard, a raised bed on the side of the house, and a front yard.

3 – I canned produce for the first time a few months ago. Although I ended up with a deep cut on my finger that didn’t totally close for three days, I am actually going to try it again this year. Don’t worry, I threw away the pear I was cutting when I had my accident ;D

4 – My youngest is autistic. He is officially a HFA, PDD-NOS (say what?) — High Functioning Autistic with a Pervasive Developmental Disorder—Not Otherwise Specified. Meaning, he has some developmental issues but doesn’t have “typical” autism symptoms. He has always been a happy, sociable boy and thanks to wonderful teachers and some medications, he has made great progress. These last few months, in fact, have been amazing.

5 – My color tastes have gone from All Burgundy, All The Time, to Turquoise and Olive Green. Who knew? I still love burgundy but it makes up a much smaller percentage of my closet.

6 – Life is better on amphetamines. LET ME CLEAR THAT UP. I’ve always been super scattered, like that California cheese commercial where the cow is intent on winning the race and all of a sudden “ooh, dandelions!” — so I asked my doctor for some help on focusing and I tell ya, it’s like night and day. I honestly don’t know how I spent 40 years the way I did. I ran out of my prescription for a couple of days and it was awful, I would literally stand in the middle of the living room with no idea of what I was supposed to be doing, and with 1,000 ideas of what to do, all at the same time. Now I actually finish things instead of starting 5 projects and leaving them all half-done. This is in NO WAY a recommendation or suggestion for anyone to take amphetamines, but just sharing what my experience has been.

7 – I have become a nail polish and perfume whore. Both of which I can blame on others, thank goodness 😀 My dear college friend took me to this place where the pricey polishes are all 1/2 off, which is the only way I’d ever buy them. My husband is always getting me new perfume – he’ll ask people what they’re wearing if he likes it and then buy it for me. This one waitress kept looking at me when he asked her, and I’m all “no, really, he’s not being creepy, he just wants to buy me whatever it is you’re wearing.” After wearing one or two scents for years, I now have added LOVELY & Hanae Mori to my repertoire.

8 – I am a voracious reader. Even though I utterly failed in my “50 in 2011” challenge. To be fair, it was a super busy year, but now that my husband and some friends chipped in to get me a Kindle Fire for Christmas, I think I’m going to be doing a lot more reading. My favorite genres are mysteries, urban fantasy, historical fiction and biographies.

9 – I need to learn how to walk in heels. Again. Having two small boys has meant running around in Skechers for the past 7 years, but it has also meant that when I need to wear heels I look like a major loser. I don’t plan on being all Victoria Beckham, wearing stilettos to the playground, but I really need to get my high heel groove back.

10 – Thai food is my cooking goal this year. My husband loves it but I can’t really have hot spicy foods because a) I have GERD, and b) I just don’t like it, so going to Thai restaurants is an issue. The solution is for me to learn how to make all his dishes and then be able to control the amount of spicy heat on my portions.

11 – I have never watched The Exorcist, Paranormal Activity, or any of those movies. And I never will. I learned this lesson after watching The Blair Witch Project and then realizing my roommates were out for the evening. I slept with the lights on that night.

12 – I am blissfully happy with my husband and my kids. Sure, there’s always those days, but I am glad we found each other. I was an old maid of 31 when I got married and I am sure many people were shocked to (finally!) get a wedding invite from me, but the way I see it is, if I’d just wanted to get married I could have gotten married years before. I wanted the wonderful marriage, not just the wonderful wedding. We’re still the goofy silly dorks we were 10 years ago, except older and wider. But we’re going to work on that “wider” part ;D

So that’s my 12 for (20)12 – I love comments and questions, so please say hi!

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