Goals for 2012

Our project list for 2011 was about 90% done by the end of the year.  The main item that was left undone was canned lighting on the kitchen ceiling – our budget called it quits and it was a cosmetic want as opposed to a need, so we decided to let it go this past year.

We did get handles for the kitchen cabinets, make fancy new pillowcases, get a new fence for the backyard, plant tons of veggies and fruits in our backyard, revamp my little office area, celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary, transform a coffee table, made a lavender wreath, build a shed, build a new mantel, made a super cheap fall-themed door wreath, get a new toilet, make a fabulous Godzilla costume, re-floor the bathroom, processed our first canned goods, and I turned 40!

For 2012, these are some of our goals:

Have a bigger and more productive veggie garden
Can, dry, and freeze more homegrown food
Take better pictures
Get canned lighting installed in the kitchen/dining room
Re-paint living room/dining room/kitchen
Re-paint master bedroom
Re-think living room art/decor (we’ve had the same art on the main wall for 8 years)
Go through all my craft stuff once and for all
Streamline my office area
Streamline my closet
Convert my husband’s old desk area into media center/storage/charging center
Plan more road trips with the boys

and on the Only-If-We-Win-The-Lottery Category:
Deal with decking outside master bedroom (either enclose it or rebuild it)

I wish you a wonderful New Year, may it be filled with hope and happiness, health and joy, and may you be surrounded by those you love throughout the months.

We will be celebrating 2012 with a New Year’s Day brunch – our last event this holiday season.

See you next year!

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