superhero wall
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My husband wanted to create a huge cityscape, full of well-known superhero landmarks, a blend of Metropolis, Gotham, etc. for our son’s party — we had a huge roll of butcher paper his mom had given us, so he decided to use that and our supply of spray paint to create his vision.

The main lesson learned was, spray paint has A LOT of overspray! The first building was painted red and the red went all over, past the masked-off areas, so one of the final buildings ended up being pink ;D

My husband and his mom looking up buildings to draw.

Putting the final touches on the Daily Planet building.

My mother-in-law working on the Chrysler building, which has been destroyed in so many movies that my husband said he just had to include it.

Some final detail shots:

The bat-signal appears against a stormy sky.

Shadow-lettering on the Daily Planet topper.

The main letters on the Daily Planet, Daily Bugle, and Stark Industries buildings were printed out, cut out (no Silhouette here, LOL) and pasted on.

My son had the great idea of adding the superhero decals I had gotten him for Christmas to the buildings. They really added the finishing touch to the background.

Here’s my sweetheart on the morning of his birthday.

In addition to the fab background, my husband also built a sloping console to go on top of the TV console – he cut out pieces and taped pictures of various villains and technical elements, then added fluorescent lights under so it really looked like a computer console:

The birthday boy loved all the touches throughout the house, and I loved all the work and thought my husband put into making our sweet boy’s birthday a magical one.

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