Superhero birthday party – Piñata time!

With a superhero-themed party, the obvious choice for a piñata was a supervillain. My husband decided on Dr. Doom, foe of the Fantastic Four and other heroes.

The piñata was built out of balloons and paper mache, and I made the tunic and cloak out of green velour I found on sale.

Here’s the birthday boy ready to wallop Dr. Doom:

Dr. Doom’s neck was the first to go, followed by his head — my little one gave some dainty hits as well 😀

The hardest hitter of the afternoon caused some serious damage:

But in the end, Dr. Doom met his end at the hand of a mob of children, and was ripped apart, limb by limb.

There was much rejoicing in the vanquishing of this villain, and even more so in the baggies full of sweets that were inside his belly.

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