I’ve been chopped

I had been thinking about cutting my hair for a while.

This is how long my hair was last week – I had gotten it trimmed after our friends’ wedding in April but it had been a couple of months since so I figured it was back to this length:

I had this inspiration pic saved for a while, I loved that the cut was short but still soft and bouncy:


I tracked down the original source of the pic – Stephanie from life.love.babies, isn’t she gorgeous!? – and found a few more on her haircut post.

My fab stylist did a wonderful job!

This was my waaaaa! moment ;D

This was my hair after I left the salon on Thursday:

And, can I tell you something?

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It feels so much healthier, bouncy and full of body. I’ve styled it straight as in the picture, and I’ve let it dry naturally so it has some waves and it looks great both ways. If a stray curl flips the other way, it just makes it quirky. Love, love, love it.

Off to another adventure-filled week – hope yours is wonderful!

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