Time to scale down

A couple of years ago, my boys were into dinosaurs. And big animals. Like elephants. Our house was littered with huge beasts and a few huge bins were all we needed to corral their toys. Then came Lego. And Playmobile. And books. Many, many books.

The key to any storage system is that it has to work for you and your needs. And the big bins were not working for anyone. My little one loves to turn a huge bin over and empty it completely so he can play with one thing from the very bottom. Mm-hmm. So the last time I was at the Dollar Store I spied some small green bins that I thought would be perfect to sort and store their playthings, now that said playthings have become smaller. I did a quick sort through their things and this is what I came up with:

Much better than overturned big bins all over the playroom floor!

Now their small items are sorted and labeled:

I got chalkboard labels from Martha Stewart @ Staples because I know their interests will change, and when they do, so will what’s written on the label šŸ˜€

Our book collection keeps growing:

That’s not all of it. There are lots more in the shelves under these, some in my little one’s room, and some that have graduated to our larger bookcases in the living room.

They still have a few large toys; the Godzilla and other larger dinos go here:

And yes, we still have a couple of bins in the play room but it is nothing like it was before, full of tiny toys that could make a mess when the bin was turned over. Now they have stuffed animals like Angry Birds and some from IKEA.

We’ve had the two Billy bookcases for a couple of years and they work really well in our play room, but I feel like their use has been maximized with these few changes.

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