A rescuer’s job is never done!

This past week we’ve seen a couple of tiny, maybe month-old, kittens running from our front yard into the side yard. I started leaving out food and Steve and I got worried that with the cold nights, the wee babies might not make it.

Steve ended up setting up the trap and catching the mama cat, who is beautiful, but very, very skinny:

We thought there were three babies, but it turns out there were five. By noon on Sunday we had caught four of them, but the last one proved elusive. We left a thick blanket on top of both the trap and carrier and made the carrier (with the babies inside) face the trap so mama could see her little ones.

Just look at those sweet faces!!! But don’t be fooled, these little ones are totally feral. One of them got Steve’s hand pretty good and one I held kept trying to bite me the whole time. But so damn cute!

I bought wet food and gave mama and babies food and water, which they made disappear right away. I caught the last baby Sunday afternoon and put him with his siblings, where they engaged in all sorts of climbing shenanigans. We put mama in with her little ones so she might nurse now that she’d had food and water. I plan on taking the whole family to the shelter on Monday so they can get check-ups and socialized a bit before they get adopted.

Both our cats, Bernie and Willie-Boo, and our dog Foxy, are rescues, and we plan on getting any future pets from shelters as well. I hope this mama and her babies find good homes, they are all beautiful so I am sure they will be adopted soon!

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