Refreshing the old wardrobe

Keeping two growing boys in clothes that fit them (easier for the younger one, obviously, with all the hand-me-downs) and look good has been a full-time job lately, with the various growth spurts that have taken place. I think my oldest is about to do some sprouting so soon it will be time for all new pants and shirts that don’t bare his bellybutton when he raises his arms.

However – my husband, my very own Tim Gunn, the man who, two weeks after we started dating, pointed at a pair of jeans on a Banana Republic window and said “those would look good on you” (and was right!), said to me “you need clothes.” So, for a change, I got a few things for me and not our monkeys.

2014 Spring

Now, not all these things are new, but I was thinking SPRING and put together some of the old and some of the new in this board. Just the fact that we got me three new pairs of pants is amazing. Two pairs of jeans and one pair of trousers, because I’d been wearing my two old pairs of jeans to death.

The three pairs shown are all super comfortable to wear and fit me well. I am 5’1″ with serious hips and short legs, so finding things that fit is not always easy. From left to right:

Jeans – Modern Straight from LOFT, Gray – Lee’s Relaxed Boot Cut, and Jeans – Levi’s 512 in Black.

I will show you some of the ways I’m going to put various combinations together in the next couple of posts. See you then!

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