Paris Vacation – random

As I’m editing my pics from Paris, I find little moments that I loved, that I want to highlight for you.

I’ve made no secret of my love for chocolate.  I’m completely happy with a cheap old bag of Hershey’s kisses or a cup of Swiss Miss, but I’d heard that in Paris there was a place that served some seriously kick ass hot chocolate.  So off we went.

Angelina’s has a few locations throughout Paris — we went to the one on the Rue Rivoli because it was the closest to us.  I paid my Euros and got my greedy little hands on a cup of delectable, smooth, velvety liquid silk.

My husband isn’t a huge fan or chocolate, or hot chocolate, but even he was impressed by Angelina’s hot chocolate.

One of the things I purchased to bring home was a bag (the big size) of hot chocolate mix.  They sell the hot chocolate in bottles, ready to heat up, various pastries, and dry mix.  There is also a restaurant where you can have lunch, but it’s pretty pricey for what you get, and let’s face it, I was only there for the hot chocolate.

That picture brings me to another subject:  my hair.  Yes, that’s all mine in its un-tame-able curlage.  I brought a hair dryer, curling iron, frizz tamer, smoothing cream, hair spray, etc.  The only thing I used during my trip was a BB product thing from Pantene to deal with the frizzies.  I didn’t see a single woman sporting the ubiquitous “beachy waves” or straightened hair.  Parisian women have pretty, polished hair and pretty, polished makeup, but don’t look like they spent half an hour on either.  So I didn’t, either.

And yes, that’s an Avengers t-shirt I’m wearing.  Even though I’m Team Loki.

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