This morning I was at my sons’ school, helping out in my oldest’s classroom. I listened to him and his classmates singing their days of the week and their months of the year. The last syllable in December lasts longer, and goes higher, and it always makes me smile, to listen to all those sweet young voices singing it.

As I left, I stopped by the office to buy some Valentines for him. My little one has no classes there on Monday but my oldest does. They’re raising money by selling lollipops you can buy for $1 and they will be delivered to the classroom. I hope he likes them.

I went through the playground to get to my car and got sweet hugs from my boy, who was on recess. I also got some winks. Winks are awesome, and he does them so well. Then his BFF came up to me to get a hug, too.

I smiled as I got in my car, my boy and his friends playing in the cold, but sunny morning, their laughter a tender melody; my other boy learning more every day in his classroom, too.

It was a good moment. I love my life.
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