The newest member of our family:

It’s Foxy!
(Miss Foxy if you’re nasty. nasty!)
just kidding.

Foxy is a 6-year-old beagle we adopted on Sunday. She is darling, charming us and our boys with her sweetness and loving nature.

She has made herself quite at home already!

Here she watches Alex picking strawberries in the backyard:

The cats have not been as happy about her arrival. Bernie has engaged in a couple of staring contests and Willie-Boo ran for the back of the couch. Foxy just ignores them.

We had been thinking about getting a dog for a while, and always knew it would be a rescue, so this weekend was spent going from shelter to shelter, past hundreds of chihuahuas and dozens of pit bulls, looking for one who would be ok with kids and cats, not set off my allergies, and be grown up. Foxy met the requirements and the boys fell in love with her, so she’s part of our home now.

I am sure many adventures with Foxy are in our future!