Happy Halloween!

I’ve been posting about the costume my husband made for our little one.

I was very surprised that my youngest chose this, as the one who had loved this character to begin with, was my oldest (he even had his latest birthday party with this theme), but he’s moved onto superheroes.

Thank goodness our oldest went with a store-bought, because my husband needed every last minute to get our youngest’s costume done.
The Saturday before Halloween, our cousin needed help for his costume, so most of that day was spent working on that. His costume was (luckily for my husband) just the headgear to become DeadMau5. Yeah, I’m old, because I was seriously creeped out and had no clue who that was. My oldest, though, had no problem sitting on DeadMau5’s lap for a pic.
Sunday was the deadline, then, and my husband went to work, the level of detail in this costume blew me away.

The base of the costume itself was carpet foam that he got for free just by asking carpet installers. The spikes were cut from foam, primed, then spray painted. The texture all over the “skin” is small stripes of silicone. The teeth were cut from foam, then painted and attached to the upper and lower jaws, same with the foot claws. The feet are cut to go over our son’s shoes. We decided to not make claws for the hands in case our little man got overenthusiastic and scratched one of his classmates.

Here is the head, almost done:

My husband helping our little man right before his parade:

Waving to one of the people taking his pic. Kids and grown ups wanted to have their pic taken with him, people were filming him, it was hilarious!

After his parade was over, my husband and I and my in-laws (who joined us for the morning) had breakfast, then headed over to my oldest’s school.

A quick wave from a busy Captain America:

His good friend S. was Wolverine so there was lots of superhero talk 😀

So this was our morning, now we get a few hours of quiet before the madness of “candy extortion” as my husband calls it. And oh yeah, Godzilla was made for under $35.

Happy Halloween from Captain America and Godzilla! Be safe and have a great time!

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9 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Your husband is certainly creative. The costume created quite a sensation. I am from Jamaica but I can see that Halloween is a lot of fun. I am a new Follower of your Blog. Take care. Judy -JUDY H-J'S THOUGHTS

  2. Saw a Godzilla post and had to pop in. I am a huge Zilla fan myself. I hopped from Happy Hour Projects from another hop. LOL Just found that one and the links are wonderful.Love the costume. I'm a dark fiction author, by the way.-Norahttp://norabpeevy.blogspot.com/

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