Garage saleing . . .

Our neighborhood has a garage sale that we’ve never been to – until this past Saturday. We went with my mother-in-law and her two sisters, and I have to say, my boys scored big time. Gran bought them eight – EIGHT! – Godzilla videos, assorted toys, a book, etc. I left with some cute Halloween candle holders (4 for $2) and this hose hanger ($1):
Later the same day my husband went to Lowe’s and found the same hanger for $24.97 – score!

We had a lovely breakfast and on the way home we stopped at another garage sale down the street. This was just one family, but they had a great punch bowl set, which I brought home with me for $5. We don’t have one and since we host holiday gatherings, I figured it would be so nice for serving hot apple cider or some other festive drink:

Then we came home and my oldest watched about 9 hours straight of Godzilla movies 😀

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