I know what I did last weekend

So, a couple of weekends ago we were all sick as dogs. The boys were running around, not letting their coughs interfere with playing, but my husband and I were feeling like spit warmed over. I had a whole Sunday ahead of me and I decided to do something productive. I mean, more productive than adding to the used tissue pile.

The last time my fabric store had a flannel sale I snagged a few different pieces.
Blues were the dominant color, but I chose patterns that weren’t too baby-ish. I’m kind of done with puppies and kitties and duckies at this point.

I made a few sets of jammies with my boys’ initial on the t-shirt top.
They share the same first initial, so handing them down to little brother won’t be a problem!

I also made a few fitted sheets and pillowcases

I found cute blue ribbon with moons and stars, I thought it fit the bedtime scheme, so I added it to the pillowcases
All in all I made 2 fitted sheets, 3 pillowcases, 3 sets of jammies and about 8 pajama pants. No, I didn’t make them all on that Sunday, but I started then, which is the toughest thing to do, to get started.

I get this silly “frontier woman providing for her family” feeling whenever my boys wear or use something I’ve made. It’s a great feeling.

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A tale of two tops

I recently tried on two tops at Old Navy, both in my favorite color amongst their selection:

I was initially going in because of the top on the right, I was looking for something tunic-y. What a disappointment!

The top on the right was HUGE. I don’t mean one size too big for me. I mean I tried on their smallest size – XS – and it was still huge. Everywhere. Believe me, I am NOT an XS. The top on the left fit at my usual size, M. It also fit well at the shoulders, sleeves, boobs, everywhere.

I understand they are different shapes, but still, the same size should have fit me in both shirts. The top on the right should have fit a little looser throughout the body but the shoulder/upper sleeve area should have still fit me well. It didn’t.

I ended up getting the top on the left, in three colors. Plum, taupe, and black. Like I’ve said before, when I find something I like, I get it in a few colors.

The fashion goal for the year

Last year was the year of the cardigan/outerwear. I got – both as gifts and purchases – some nice new cardies, sweaters, and even a peacoat. This year, I will be focusing on pretty tops and blouses. No more plain t-shirts here!

Luckily, there seems to be an abundance of pretty tops, just in time for Spring and Summer!

Could it be?

After years of empire-waist nightmares, could a proper waist be back in style?

I am digging these dresses from Old Navy. In fact, I think I might get one. Or rather, I might chase around the area for one because my Old Navy usually doesn’t have the cute stuff on the website.

I am 5’1″ and look 7 months pregnant when wearing empire-waist. I would love a cute little dress like this one to dress up and down in Spring and Summer. Sweet!

Winter Necessities

I find myself relying on a few trusted items to give me a boost when cold winter mornings – or evenings threaten to send me diving under my bed blankets. Also, a couple of things here, I am totally craving.

I have a red coat from Target that I just adore. The color is rich and saturated and the cut is impeccable and flattering. It is my go-to coat when there are going to be cameras around.

The boots were a gift from my darling husband, they are plain, no buckles or studs or anything weird, and I love them that way.

Can you believe I never wore hats until a year ago? I didn’t think they looked good on me. Not that I am 100% convinced now but they keep me warm and cover bad hair days. I have half a dozen knit hats and next winter I’ll probably buy my first non-knit hat.

Scarves, obviously. Given my fondness for v-necks, winter means that I keep hunting for something to cover my neck from chilly temps.

Tinted moisturizer from Laura Mercier, an absolute must when my skin is hurting from the cold. The shade I wear is Sand, and it has SPF20.

Lip balm. I have about 25 tubes and pots all over my desk, purse, car, my husband’s car, various coat pockets, etc. I think I’m getting my oldest hooked, he has started borrowing my lip balm 😀

Now for the cravings – check out those gorgeous eye and cheek colors, they’re from Sweet Libertine, a brand I found thanks to my friend Jen. I have a few eyeshadows, but I just heart this eye set. And the blush, from what I understand it’s a great substitute for the famous Nars Orgasm blush. I’ve never bought Nars because I didn’t want to spend that much, so this might be it for me.

What have you been relying on this winter?

Organizing: Weekly Outfits

The first step in finding a solution for a problem, as we all know, is to acknowledge there is a problem. In my case, there were two problems that prevented me from looking presentable when doing the school run.

One – I like to have stuff ready
Two – I panic when I have to make split-second decisions

This meant I ended up running out of the house in sweatpants and one of my husband’s t-shirts most days, because nothing in my own closet seemed to suit.

Now, with a little pre-planning, I am hardly likely to make Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed List but at least I don’t look like complete and utter shit while dropping the boys at school.

No, I don’t make a pic like this every week, this is just for demonstration purposes 😀

What I do do is, set up my clothes and accessories on hangers so they are ready to go, and all I have to do is grab them and get dressed.

Every weekend I take 7 hangers for the upcoming week and first hang a pair of pants on the hanger bar, then take out some t-shirts/tanks/blouses and hang them on. If it’s going to be a chilly week, layer on the cardigan/jacket/sweater.

I also add the accessories at this point – any jewelry gets hung on the hanger, as do scarves if needed. Brooches/pins get put on the outer garment. If I think I’ll wear a hat, then I either stuff it in a pocket or lay it over the pants hanging inside.

This is just my little method to look respectable in the mornings. It works for me, it alleviates my panic (I take meds, but I’d rather make things as easy as I can) and I don’t need to think about it too much. Win-win!

I’m linking this up to Amanda’s Weekend Bloggy Reading Party!
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Jammies with appliqued initial

My oldest boy went through a serious elephant phase a couple of years ago, and even though dinosaurs are now his thing, he still has a soft spot for elephants. I had bought some soft flannel fabric to make him blankets, but now that he’s left behind footy pajamas, I figured I’d make him some two piece jammies.

A couple of months ago I made him a gray set – gray/cream elephant print pants and I cut out his first initial out of a scrap of fabric left and sewed it onto a plain gray t-shirt. He loved it, my mother-in-law loved it, and my mother even thought I had bought it somewhere.

Out came another elephant fabric blanket for the transformation. Here are the steps I have followed – mom taught me how to get a elastic-waist pants pattern from a regular pair of pants.
Start out with a regular (not elastic waist) pair of pants.

Take one of the legs and pull it inside out.

Cut out the applique in the shape of your choice. Lucky for me, both my boys’ names start with A 😀

Stitch applique onto shirt. I use a zigzag stitch and do all the edges twice.

My boy is pretty psyched to wear these, but he needs to stop jumping around while watching Godzilla so I can snap a good pic 😀