Fashion Friday: Favorite Outfit

I’m not a big fan of sweaters — cardigans are one thing but closed sweaters make me claustrophobic. This one, though, is so comfy and the neckline is not so tight so there’s no problem.


I love the richness of winter colors, browns and bronzes, olive greens and ambers, and my favorite of all colors, burgundy. Not in this outfit, but then it would be my lipstick ;D

Have a wonderful weekend!

Fashion Friday: Fall is here!

I am deliriously happy because my favorite season has truly arrived – no more deceptively cool mornings followed by blistering hot afternoons. No. Now cold mornings are followed by cool afternoons, and sometimes, even rain! Swapped my summer shorts for my beloved jeans:

Source: via Joy on Pinterest

Aside from a pair of leopard print flats, I am not really shopping for anything this fall/winter:

Lauren Conrad

Jackets are back in rotation:

Tall boots make a comeback:

Source: via Milena on Pinterest

It’s all about layers, layers, layers!

My beloved knit hats will be topping my outfits once again:

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Everything in warm, cozy colors:

Source: via Breanna on Pinterest

What are you looking forward to wearing this fall?

Fashion Friday: Embellished Tank

I had some leftover fabric from the pillows I made a while back, so I decided to make some flowers and sew those onto a plain tank from Target:
If you Google “rolled flower tutorial” you’ll get hundreds of links to learn how to make these. I made a few in various sizes and then pinned them to the tank top. Once I was happy with the positioning, I sewed them on, et voila! a pretty tank that makes getting dressed so much easier – no need for necklaces with this one, I’ll wear mine this fall with jeans and a cardie.
I swear, now I want a tank in every color with pretty flowers on them! I hope you enjoyed my little sewing adventure – have a wonderful weekend!

Fashion Friday: the leopard print trench

As with every summer, the prediction for fall/winter fashions include animal prints. It is a classic print, really, so you can safely spend a little bit more than you would on something like the color-of-the-season.

Here, I present the Banana Republic Mad Men Collection leopard print trench. Whew!

It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? Fully lined, nice shape, I do happen to love Mad Men but you don’t have to love it to covet this trench. I usually wouldn’t go for a print trench but like I said, animal print, if done right (i.e. not in hot pink) can be timeless. And the print scale is discreet, not obnoxiously, in your face, huge animal print patterns.

I’m saving my pennies because between this and the Missoni for Target collection, I am seriously in trouble!

Carine Roitfeld: "Quite Classic with an Edge"

I’m not even going to pretend I am some sort of fashionista or anything, but I do know who Carine Roitfeld is – the fabulous and fierce former editor of French Vogue – and I have been reading that she may have her own clothing line soon! If you saw The Devil Wears Prada, the character of Jacqueline Follet, the French Runway editor who almost replaces Miranda Priestly, is supposed to be based on Carine.

Here are Miranda and Jacqueline, I mean, Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeld:
Aren’t those nice smiles? ;D

Again, not that a CR clothing line would mean much to me because I seriously doubt that I could afford anything she puts out there, but still, I like most of what she did at French Vogue and would love to see what her line looks like.

She also has a soft spot for Mario Testino, the famous – and Peruvian! – photographer who has captured so many iconic images, including some of a pair that’s getting married this Friday. I forget their names.

Anyway, if she does a clothing line, maybe she can do a collaboration with Target – THAT would be awesome. A girl can dream.

The title of my post is from a quote by Carine describing her own style.

Come on LOFT, wtf?

Okay, this is where “fashion editors” completely lose me. One of my favorite stores, Ann Taylor LOFT invited 3 magazine editors to style some looks. Here is one by the Glamour editor:
All I’m saying is that if I’m wearing a fricking anorak with a scarf, then it’s not the right weather for those flimsy little sandals.

One of my little fashion quirks is – the longer the sleeve, the more closed up the shoe should be. That’s just my personal rule because inevitably, that’s how it’s worked out for me. If I am out and about in a sundress and sandals and it gets chilly enough for a cardigan, then my toes are also cold. So to see a coat and scarf paired with barely-there sandals is ridiculous in my shoes.

Thank you for the kind comments on my comparison between White House Black Market and more budget-friendly looks.