Fashion Friday: Scarf it down!

I love scarves, and I love that we’re in the perfect season for them. Right now afternoons still get a little warm but in the morning when take the boys to school, it is deliciously chilly!

I am super lucky that both my mom and my sister are avid knitters/crocheters, so they have contributed a large percentage of my scarf stash. My favorite purchased scarf is the tan one with tassels on the bottom right.


It is from Old Navy and it came in 3 different colorways, and yeah, I wish I had bought the other two because I love that thing.

A scarf can be such a versatile accessory – it can instantly transform a ho-hum outfit, i.e. what I wear most of the time, into something interesting. That said, I cannot wear two types of scarves – 1, the infinity type scarf, which are basically a big circle you wrap around your neck a few times, because my makeup and hair get wrecked. Graceful, I am not. And 2, the type that are very delicate, either lacy or the ones that are a bunch of flowers joined together, because I have two kids and two cats, and again, graceful I am NOT, and within 5 minutes the thing would be snagged into unwearable uselessness.

Luckily for me, there are plenty of other types of scarves that I can wear. As a devoted francophile the scarf is my accessory of choice – I love this article that came out last year about a writer who gets seduced by the power of a great scarf. Since I rather pride myself on not spending much for my “couture” I don’t think I’d be shelling out 150 euro for a scarf, but it’s a good article anyway.

I leave you with some images to inspire your weekend, stay warm!

Source: via Meggie on Pinterest

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Fashion Friday: at the Pumpkin Patch

This time it was time for me to join my youngest and his class on a field trip. We went to one of our local pumpkin patches and had a blast. We’ve gone to Uesugi Farms a few times with our boys and we’ve always had a good time. They have hay rides, a train, a pumpkin lab to see the growth process, and my personal favorite, the honey booth. Not to be confused with a booth babe, the honey booth had lots of different flavors of honey grown in the farm itself. I tried two and they were yummy. My boy was less than impressed but I think it was more the texture of it that made him wrinkle his nose.

This morning was super chilly, so even though I love the cold weather, I brought along a knit scarf to keep my neck warm.


Later on it was a bit warmer so I was glad to wear this super light chevron-stripe top. We each got a pumpkin and I bought some small white pumpkins at 3 for a dollar. We were happy to be home but had a wonderful time with our friends and classmates.

Have a great weekend!

Fashion Friday: Favorite Outfit

I’m not a big fan of sweaters — cardigans are one thing but closed sweaters make me claustrophobic. This one, though, is so comfy and the neckline is not so tight so there’s no problem.


I love the richness of winter colors, browns and bronzes, olive greens and ambers, and my favorite of all colors, burgundy. Not in this outfit, but then it would be my lipstick ;D

Have a wonderful weekend!

Fashion Friday: Fall, where are you???

It’s been in the 90s here this week. That’s just not ok, really. I am so ready for my scarves and sweaters and boots and everything that is cozy and layered.

Here are some sets I’ve put into a collection to inspire my autumnal fashion wardrobe:

Have a wonderful weekend!

Fashion Friday: Missoni for Target

So the much-awaited line of Missoni for Target finally arrived in stores an d online, crashing the website and causing much chaos for those of us who usually shop at Tarjay, Missoni or no Missoni.

I admit I was awaiting this line as well, but as with most designer lines that are self-knocked off for budget stores, most of it failed to wow me.

Part of it is that so much of the line is swimwear. Granted, someone who knows her Missoni might be shopping for spending cold winter days in Barbados or cruises, but even so the horizontal stripes are kind of weird. A few other items were vests or blouses that weren’t really flattering, the vomitorium of colors and patterns too loud for me.

thumbs down missoni

Where this line fared better was in accessories and home goods items: Shoes, scarves, decorative items, etc. are bright pops of color in doses that are totally doable.

thumbs up Missoni

Of course, these are the items are that mostly sold out, so I may not be the only one who thinks the bigger pieces would have been more successful in a more muter palette.

Of the items I liked I may get the beanie and/or the scarf, but I’ll have to see them in the store before I make my decision.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Fashion Friday: Leopard Red

This is one of my all-time favorite combos: leopard print and bold red. I just got this cardie from Old Navy — they had given me some coupons for 50% off a couple of weeks before when I was school shopping for my boys, so when I went back for some jeans, this cardie also caught my eye.

leopard red

Along with my new super cheap (less than $5) Revlon lipstick, I think this is a winning combo that can be accessorized in many ways: statement necklace or bracelet, chunky earrings, signature ring, etc. I foresee wearing some version of this outfit many times this fall and winter.

Fashion Friday: the leopard print trench

As with every summer, the prediction for fall/winter fashions include animal prints. It is a classic print, really, so you can safely spend a little bit more than you would on something like the color-of-the-season.

Here, I present the Banana Republic Mad Men Collection leopard print trench. Whew!

It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? Fully lined, nice shape, I do happen to love Mad Men but you don’t have to love it to covet this trench. I usually wouldn’t go for a print trench but like I said, animal print, if done right (i.e. not in hot pink) can be timeless. And the print scale is discreet, not obnoxiously, in your face, huge animal print patterns.

I’m saving my pennies because between this and the Missoni for Target collection, I am seriously in trouble!